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January 2018 Newsletter

January 2018 Newsletter 0

Superior Sauna & Steam

January 2018 Newsletter

Putting the Steam in Superior Sauna & Steam


Besides saunas, we also help design and plan steam rooms.  While we let you decide what you want inside your steam room, we provide the important bits.

Steam rooms work very differently from a sauna.  Their temperature is far lower, but delivers a ton more steam.  There is also no wood inside of a steam room.

There are 3 basic steps to designing a steam room:

        1. Figure out the size of your Steam Room
        2. Select non-porous material for your walls and ceiling
        3. Find an accessible spot to install your steam generator.
Superior Sauna Steam Sizing Guide

Superior Sauna Steam Generator Sizing Guide 

Depending on what materials you use for your steam room can change how quickly your steam room will heat up.

We have created a quick guide for helping figure out what size steam generator/boiler you will need for your steam room.  

Steam Generators

Steam Generators

The Amerec family of steam generators has a model for any steam room application. Click to see our entire selection of residential and commercial steam generators. AK Series Steam Generators: Creating the Ulitmate Steam Bath Environment with "Soft Steam".

Steam Lighting and Accessories


Steam Lighting and Accessories

Besides generators we also offer Lighting for steam rooms as well as accessories.

Our steam room lighting system is a multicolored system, allowing you to choose the mood you want.

We have accessories as well to put the finishing touches on your steam room.