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Custom Infrared Sauna

Superior Sauna Custom Infrared Sauna

Custom and Flexible

The I/S sauna provides the best of both worlds. You like traditional sauna but your spouse prefers infrared sauna? No problem. On weekends you like a traditional sauna taken with others--and with lots of steam--but during the work week you like the mild-soothing infrared sauna heat therapy? No problem. The InfraSauna™ by Saunatec® is the ultimate sauna--a blending of Traditional Finnish Saunas with CarbonFlex(R) Infrared Technology.

This wonderful combination room provides pleasure beyond what a traditional or infrared sauna can do individually. CarbonFlex far-infrared heating system can be incorporated into virtually any sauna room design. A custom infrared sauna, an option previously unavailable, will meet your special needs. Where IR was once limited to a few fixed sizes and models - Now Custom Infrared and Custom InfraSauna™ are available in limitless shapes and sizes; you are limitied only by your design imagination. Let your imagination go. For the first time in the worldwide sauna industry, there are now IR options to give you exactly what you want.

New Construction - Truly "Custom" Infrared

The options with our Custom IR/IS are endless...with innovative use of glass windows and all-glass doors, angles, curves, special lighting and sounds systems. Your design (or help from our design consultants, incorporating your ideas), in partnership with Superior Sauna experience and quality, assures unmatched form and function.

Handcrafted to your plan, we'll precut the finest hand-selected wood for your walls and ceiling, we'll prebuild the benches, supply the door and include a CarbonFlex® IR Panel Kit sized for your room-all for installation on your framed walls. Simply provide the inside dimensions of the framed walls, the door location and your preference for bench configuration-and we'll do the rest. We have a custom sauna planner available to help the process if necessary. Feel free to call with any question or to speak directly with a design consultant (1-877-872-2806)

Custom Infrared Saunas and Custom InfraSaunas are perfect for new construction or remodeling:
Residential, Hotels, Health Clubs, Condos and Apartments.

Convert an existing sauna room into an InfraSauna™

Custom Infrared Sauna Example

Is your existing sauna tired and in need of a face lift? Perhaps it has been relegated to the role of store room? Maybe you've tried an Infrared Sauna somewhere and you'd like to have one at home-but don't want to have a second sauna?

With a Custom InfraSauna™ you can now convert your existing sauna into an upgraded sauna room with CarbonFlex far-infrared heating system combined with a traditional sauna heater-with both heating systems easily controlled with the SaunaLogic™ digital/programmable control.

Or, if you prefer only infrared, you can convert your existing sauna room into an "infrared only" sauna room-and still have the option to later add a traditional sauna heater.

Looking for a sauna quote? Let's get started...

Custom Infrared Sauna Glass Door

In order to get a quote to you, we need you to submit a Custom Sauna Planner via fax or email. Click here to view or print a Sauna Planner which will help you provide us with the information we'll need.

Please take a few moments to look at the elements on our Sauna Index web page. This information will help you understand the components and materials needed when building a sauna. Things to consider: How many people will be using the sauna and how often? Do you need a changing room?

We have Sample Packs available for you to see firsthand the quality of our materials. If you have not already received one, we would be happy to send one out to you today free of charge (U.S. lower 48 only, please call for international shipping) Our sauna woods start from logs and lumber dried to our specifications. Before making a major purchase for the sauna of your dreams, get our sample pack and see our superior quality.

If you prefer to go over the sauna planner form with a Design Consultant, simply give us a call when you can be in front of a computer and we will discuss your options. 877-872-2806