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Superior Sauna Client Sauna Review

Customer Review Custom Sauna via Google Reviews - 11/30/2017

I've recently worked with superior saunas. From the design to delivery they were extremely helpful which made the process very easy and simple. While project may seam overwhelming it went smooth without any issues. I absolutely recommend this company to anyone who is looking to build quality sauna without having any knowledge on how to do so.

Ron and Carol W. - York, SC

Customer Review Custom Sauna via Google Reviews - 11/12/2017

Purchased a DIY custom kit from Superior. The experience was educational and entertaining! Chuck and his group were most helpful and they were readily available. Everything required was provided and the installation/construction went smoothly. Nice company to do business with.

Fred J. - Saint Johns, FL

Customer Review Wood Stove & Accessories via Google Reviews - 11/07/2017

Great experience. Bought a pallet of stuff from North Carolina. Shipping was fast and communication was clear. I would order from them again. I am super excited to build my trailer sauna. We want to take it with us when we move.

David K. - Durham, NC

Customer Review Custom Sauna via Google Reviews - 11/01/2017

We’ve been wanting an in home sauna for several years. Our builder led us to Superior Saunas and together, we designed a custom sauna for the unique area that we had to work with. The quality of materials they use is excellent and the aroma of the cedar is extraordinary! We use it all the time and couldn’t be happier!!

Mary M. - Naperville IL

Customer Review Custom Sauna via Google Reviews - 10/13/2017

Working with Superior Sauna was great. Their planning resources were helpful, the customer service reps knowledgeable and will to educate throughout the panning process, and their follow through on the project from start to finish was comprehensive. I would recommend them to anyone and look forward to working with them again in the future.

Todd H. - Champlin, MN

Customer Review Custom Sauna via Google Reviews - 9/15/2017

My husband and I have been fortunate to experience Sauna with our Finnish friends at their home in Finland, and this is the third sauna we’ve built in the past 20 years. By far, this one is our favorite! Superior Sauna was great to work with, and helped us figure out exactly what we needed; from the vapor barrier, to the heater, the door, the lighting, vents, and everything else, while our contractor supplied the cedar. He was very impressed with the ease of installation of the pre-hung glass door. Superior’s showroom is huge with the most options we’ve ever had to choice from. They had a copy of ‘The Best Part of a Sauna’, a book which explained ‘Sauna’ to kids. I ordered a copy from Amazon for our grandchildren, and they too, have enjoyed Sauna!

Mary Ellen W. - Portland, OR

Customer Review Custom Sauna via Google Reviews - 8/8/2017

Honestly, this was from start to finish one of the best purchasing experiences I have ever had. Superior Sauna's expierenced staff guided me through a custom sauna kit and made me feel completely comfortable with my purchase while providing thoughtful suggestions during my design process. It was super convenient on a visual level when I got the computer layout of my custom sauna design and it helped on the construction of the actual sauna.

Sauna construction took 2-3 days to complete (again, this was a custom sauna project that required a little framing, etc) and once it was completed the sauna has been a welcomed stress relief to my family's demanding g schedule.

I personally would like to thank Matt and the rest of the Superior Sauna team for making my sauna project easy and a reality! Thanks!!!

Kevin P. - Browns Valley, CA

Customer Review Custom Sauna via Google Reviews - 8/11/2017

The staff at Superior Sauna did a great job from helping us choose product, fine tuning our layout and material needs, quoting, time frame for pick-up. The products was all top notch!

Leo K. - Washburn, WI

Customer Review Fitness Center Sauna Remodel via Google Reviews - 7/27/2017

We ordered a sauna kit for a fitness center remodel job we are working on at an apartment complex in California. Sales staff was great to work with and were very informative. They provided a computerized floor plan sketch and advised on what exactly we needed and didn't need for our project. Our contractor said that the kit was relatively easy to install. We look forward to letting residents use the sauna next month once the rest of our fitness center remodel is completed! Thank you for your help!

Blake F. - Hayward, CA

Customer Review Sauna Materials via Google Reviews - 7/14/2017

Everything was great. The customer service was great. The materials were perfect and the quantity was generous. The tongue and groove were arrow straight, no bad boards. Great price and quality.

Cindy R. - Oak Grove, MN

Customer Review Custom Sauna via Google Reviews - 7/11/2017

We are very happy and pleased with our 7x7 sauna kit from Superior Sauna & Steam. Everything came out wonderfully with higher than expected results. Neighbors and friends are saying, “Where did you get this?” Thank you, Maggie for helping us chose the classic look we wanted. Without your help we would have not had some features that have added a very professional looking sauna interior that enhances our enjoyment when using it. Let’s not forget to mention the advice in prepping the room which made the kit fit like clockwork and so easy. We are impressed with the craftsmanship of the wood and the door is out of this world, awesome. Our hats are off to the staff at Superior Sauna & Steam as we are enjoying the sauna-ing experience right off the deck of our house in Weston, Wisconsin.

Mike L. - Weston, WI

Customer Review Custom Sauna Basement Conversion via Google Reviews - 6/5/2017

I converted a storage room in my basement into a sauna. Superior sauna walked me through the entire design process, payment was simple, and everything was delivered right to my door on a pallet. Highly recommend!

Jacob B. - Duluth, MN

Customer Review Custom Sauna - 5/29/2017

Our experience with Superior Sauna was first class in every respect from the initial consult thru delivery of the product! I am not a professional carpenter by any stretch of the imagination however their instructions were easy to follow and their customer service is outstanding. We have been enjoying this for a little over a month now and it is worth all the time and effort put into the project. I would highly recommend Superior Sauna to anyone looking for a first rate Sauna! Thank you Maggie and Staff for your outstanding service and support!

Gahlen F. - Lake Point, UT 5/29/2017

Customer Review Custom Sauna - 5/26/2017

If anyone is interested in installing a sauna in their home, no need to look further than Superior Sauna. Tiffany helped make my decision making a buying decision hassle free. And at the end, my sauna is more than I beautiful. Thanks to everyone at Superior Sauna. Fantastic product with professional service.

Yvonne K. - Merritt, NC 5/26/2017

Customer Review - 11/22/2016

I am a homeowner with some construction experience. The installation guide and web site material were excellent. Superior stayed with me after the purchase to provide quick and effective technical assistance when needed. The quality of the material and equipment was top shelf/first rate. Couldn't be more pleased with the finished product. Would highly recommend Superior to anyone considering a sauna.

Gil J. from Annadale, VA - 11/22/2016

Customer review of Superior Sauna Customer Service

I just wanted to write and say thank you for your excellent customer service. When we decided to redo our wood fired sauna, it began with loads of online research. To finalize the project we needed a sauna stove and answers to a few questions we had not been able to locate. Your company was refreshing. Not only did they take the time to help. They also had the sauna to us in two days. It is so very difficult to find this kind of service. We plan to do a second sauna in the future and would not consider buying from anyone else. Thanks again for being a quality organization with quality products.

Lee and Don T. from Michigan

Customer Sauna Review of Sand Island Outdoor Log Sauna Kit

I searched for quality sauna for over a year but could not find anything that I wanted. Then I came across Full Log Sauna at and realized that this is exactly what I was looking for.Chuck Porter was very helpful in figuring out design and sauna options. He took the time to answer every silly little question I had. Manufacturing took a little over a month and sauna was delivered on time and all in perfect shape. They also included plenty of extra logs. When I was installing sauna Chuck was available any time for my questions over telephone or over email. On the scale of 1 to 10 I would rate my experience with superiorsaunas 20!

Sal Y. from New Jersey.

Customer Sauna Review of Liner Kit

When preparing to build a sauna I did my homework. I gathered information via the Internet; I researched sauna construction, particularly types of woods used; my wife and I visited a local sauna dealer who represented several large manufacturers; and I got quotes for different offerings from multiple sources. What I found was that factory direct Superior Sauna had significantly lower prices than manufacturers‘ representatives, it offered the same heaters supplied by the large manufacturers, and the wood that was offered was far, dare I use the word, superior to the wood offered by other companies.

Most US manufactured saunas and sauna kits use western red cedar. This wood is resistant to decay, widely used for outdoor construction, and therefore readily available. Cedar sauna manufacturers claim the wood has a pleasant odor, but other manufacturers claim the cedar fumes can be irritating, especially to children.

Scandinavian manufacturers‘ saunas are often made of Nordic white spruce. This wood feels cool to the touch, as any sauna wood must, and it is light color and gives the sauna an open look. The downside to Nordic spruce is that it is full of small tight knots that do not impair its function and are minimally objectionable in appearance, but Nordic spruce does not compare to the beauty and silky feel of the wood that Superior Sauna supplies for walls—aspen, and for benches—basswood.

Aspen is the most widely distributed tree species in North America, ranging from Alaska to Newfoundland and from Canada to Mexico. When sawn it is white in color and it is low in density, which is why it feels cool to the touch. Basswood grows throughout the northeastern quarter of the US. It is low in density and sands to a smooth finish, but despite relative softness it has high bending strength. Basswood‘s combination of low density and high bending strength makes it an excellent material for sauna benches, and its white color complements that of Superior Sauna‘s aspen walls.

I looked hard but found no company that offers what Superior Sauna offers: the best woods and the lowest price.

Once I determined what company I wanted to go with I got down to business. I called Superior Sauna and spoke to Marilyn who referred me to Chuck Porter. Chuck and I had a preliminary discussion, and I faxed him a drawing of the room I was turning into a Sauna. My drawing included overall dimensions, window and door positions, which were fixed, and a first take at bench and heater locations.

Chuck has a fancy title, Design Consultant and Managing Partner, but he‘s down-to-earth, soften-spoken, a good listener, and a thoughtful man who knows saunas inside out. He made suggestions, we discussed trade-offs, and through an iterative process we arrived at a design. Chuck even complemented me on an innovation I came up with that he‘d never thought of. He said, "Hey, that‘s a good idea. We can use that."

After we arrived at the design Chuck sent me a detailed parts list that included costs, and together we tweaked the design and list of materials and selected accessories with an eye toward minimizing overall cost.

No one is perfect, and I did find two errors in the prices on the quote, but the mistakes were not intentional, and double-checking to catch mistakes is why the list was sent. I signed off on a corrected quote.

Within a week my parts were milled, shrink-wrapped, packed onto a palette, and shipped. A few days later they were delivered by truck. Everything was there, nothing was missing or damaged, and I even discovered an extra bench mounting brace that Chuck thought I might need but we hadn‘t discussed. I was ready to begin my installation.

What I found exceeded my expectations. Certainly, all the benches were made of clear wood, but the paneling, too, was also relatively free of knots. By careful selecting and cutting of boards and deciding which board to place where, I got almost entirely clear walls (no knots). What knots I had to include were closed (no open space between knot and clear wood), and I was able to place these few knots below benches or in corners.

Based on quality, beauty, cost, competency, helpfulness, thoroughness, and the manner with which I was dealt, I don‘t know why anyone would buy a sauna anywhere else.

I hereby affirm that this testimonial is unsolicited, and I received nothing for it.

Matthew P. Lexington, Massachusetts

Customer Sauna Review of Liner Kit

I would like to tell you how well I am enjoying my new sauna. The experience of doing business with Superior Sauna was a pleasure. I will recommend you to anyone building a sauna. Everyone that has seen the sauna purchased from your company has been very impressed with the quality. Once again I would like to thank you for all your help.

Luann K. from Indiana.

Customer Sauna Review of Copper Harbor Outdoor Sauna

Hi Chuck and everyone at Superior Sauna

I just wanted to let you know how pleased I was with the Copper Harbor Model of the Superior Sauna that you delivered to us here in New Hampshire. We first saw this at Copper Harbor in Michigan and were extremely interested in it at that time. We had asked for a small changing room to be built instead of the porch and it worked out splendidly. We were able to take a sauna the day after you set it up for us on the concrete pad and have been using it through the winter with great joy and success. The sauna is very well built with many nice features, which just indicates the thought that you put into building these saunas so carefully. Thanks so much for ours.

Wayne B. from New Hampshire.

Commercial Sauna Review for Maintenance, Repair & Restoration

Superior Sauna always has the sauna parts we need in stock at a reasonable cost and has them out next day air if we need them quickly. We appreciate their excellent and personal service. Thank you.

Merle K. (Head of Maintenance at an AmericInn Motel)