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Prefab Sauna Kits

Pre-Fab Sauna Room Kits easily assemble in just hours with included assembly instructions and diagrams. The prefab modular sauna room panels are insulated units, self supporting and can be disassembled and relocated if you decide to move. Our Prefab Sauna Rooms are constructed of quality solid real wood for durability, not thin lightweight veneers.

Custom Sauna Kits

Superior Sauna Custom Sauna Kits are tailored to fit into your framed and insulated sauna project. Perfect for indoor or outdoor saunas, residential or commercial locations. Sauna kit quotes are flexible, buy the complete sauna kit or just the few sauna components needed to finish your sauna project.

Infrared Sauna Kits

Infrared Sauna Kits feature PureCarbon commercial quality heating panels rated at 100,000 operating hours (up to 10 hours at a time). Entire infrared sauna kit assembles in hours with 'Snap-together' design. As an alternative to Traditional Steam Sauna, the Infrared Sauna (or Infrared Heat Therapy Room) heats you more directly instead of mostly heating the air in the room.

Sauna Heaters

Electric - Wood - Gas

Heater Parts

Largest availability in the world

Steam Room Lighting

Enhance your steam with color

Steam Generators

Best quality steam available

Sauna Accessories

Sauna Lighting

Sauna Doors

Steam Doors

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Custom Sauna Planner for all sauna projects:

Residential or Commercial facilities like Hotels, Gyms, Health Clubs, Military Bases, etc. Print out, then return this completed form by Email, Fax or Mail to receive a quote for a Custom Sauna Kit. Use this form for new sauna construction or sauna remodeling jobs. Sauna construction starts with a framed and insulated room, so remove any existing interior wall paneling, drywall etc. to prepare space for sauna kit installation.

Note: Planner is in PDF format. Most current browsers support Adobe PDF's. If you have trouble opening download the free Adobe Acrobat reader here.

All Glass Steam Door

27¼" x 68½" Steam Room Door has frosted glass panel and heavy duty 4 sided extruded aluminum jamb. Comfortable aluminum door handles with EZ catch magnetic latch. This steam room door is great for tiled or acrylic residential or commercial steam rooms.

Wood Heaters

Traditional woodburning saunas really go to the heart of the pure sauna experience. The incomparably soft heat, lush hiss of steam and relaxing crackle of a wood fueled fire. It is a heritage that many cultures worldwide have treasured for hundreds of years.

Steam Room Lighting

The best value of steam bath lighting in North America, a Superior Sauna exclusive! Enhance the soothing and revitalizing effect of your steam bath with our ceiling-mounted color therapy steam room light fixture kit.

Bronze Glass Sauna Door

Sauna Door has bronze tinted glass panel and heavy duty 4 sided jamb. Comfortable wood door handles with EZ catch magnetic latch. Heavy duty laminated door jamb is 2-1/4" thick by 4-3/4" deep to prevent warpage,

Deluxe Cedar Pack

All of the essential accessories you need to cusomize your sauna in one convenient combo. Priced right with an additional 10% taken off of already discounted prices.

Sauna Recessed Lighting Kit

The Recessed Lighting Kit is a complete sauna lighting solution with LED multi-color therapy bulbs and white halogen bulbs. This stand alone Kit has everything you need to light your sauna.

Prefab Shipping Special

Shipping on all our Modular Sauna Units is now half price! Check individual units for exact cost. Shipping includes lift gate service for easily unloading Sauna from freight truck to your driveway. Call us for great shipping rates to Alaska, Hawaii, The Caribbean, or Central America.

Ordering a door?

Half off shipping special for select doors! Also many of our DIY sauna parts and sauna accessories ship free when ordering a door with flat rate shipping special. Example of items that ship for free: Foil Vapor Barrier & Foil Tape, Stainless Steel Nails, Vents, Lighting, Heater Guards, Floor Tiles, Backrests & Headrests.

Accessory Combo Packs

Save 5% to 20% when purchasing a Combo Pack. From a bucket and ladle to a full 6 piece accessory pack kit, get everything you need to compliment your sauna experience. Example of a Deluxe 6 Piece kit: Bucket (varying sizes), stainless steel ladle, sauna sign, sand timer, thermometer/hygrometer, and a 8 oz. bottle of refreshing eucalyptus oil.

Sauna Heater Sale!

Here's the deal, we will beat any price. If you find a better price for a Sauna Heater somewhere else on the web...Call us with the website address so we can verify the sauna heater price you found.

Project Kit

Your basic sauna needs all in one kit! Vapor barrier, wall light and a vent.

Paneling & Trim

Choices of Aspen, Cedar or Finnish Spruce. All from our own sauna lumber mill.


Commercial quality meets elegance with Superior Saunas 'Stout Sauna Benches'.


Sturdy, easily installed wood sauna vent, available in Cedar or Aspen

Vapor Barrier

Must have for all DIY sauna projects. Available in 250' or 500' rolls.

Sauna Flooring

In less than hour and without the sweat and toil of hammering, drilling and sawing, you can be enjoying a superb sauna floor.

Heater Guard

Sauna heater guards are recommended for most residential and commercial sauna rooms, to protect sauna users.

Stainless Steel Nails

Stainless Steel finishing nails will ensure your sauna walls will stay "streak free" for the life of the sauna.

Sauna Signs

Safety signs are required by law for most commercial saunas and are also recommended for residential saunas.

All DIY Sauna Parts

All of our available DIY sauna parts. If you can't find it here, it doesn't exist.

Steam Design Info

Some basic guidelines for steam room design.

Steam Generators

For residential or commercial steam rooms. AK series generators are engineered for performance and reliability.

Commercial Boilers

Ideal for large steam rooms, the Amerec Commercial Steam Bath Boilers are designed for optimum user enjoyment and ease of use.

Steam Doors

Steam Room Doors are perfect for new construction tiled or acrylic steam rooms in residential or commercial applications.

Steam Lighting

A steam room is a place to enjoy the relaxing comfort of gentle steam, and the lighting should compliment this environment.

Steam Bench

Steam Shower Benches for tiled steam rooms and steam baths.


Manual application or fully automatic fragrance oil dispersion system.

Steam Accessories

All the extra accessories you can find for a perfect steam.

All DIY Steam Parts

All available steam parts. Generator, boilers, accessories and more.