All Sauna Components shown here are custom fit to your pre-framed and insulated sauna room for indoor custom saunas and outdoor sauna buildings. With proper design and the right Sauna Components, a Custom Sauna will last many years for family and friends to enjoy.

Click on photos to see more details about each Sauna Room Component. Print our convenient Custom Sauna Planner for sauna components listed below, then fax or email the planner to us and a detailed quote will be emailed to you.

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1) Tongue & Groove Paneling

Paneling for walls and ceilings are cut to fit rough opening of your custom sauna room. Superior Sauna woods are kiln dried to 6-8% moisture to lock and stabilize wood fibers, greatly reducing board shrinkage/warpage and cracking after installation. Best to install with Stainless Steel Nails in air powered brad nailer gun, for speed and accuracy.

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2) Interior Trim Package

Add interior trim for a finished look to a custom sauna, includes 3/4" cove molding trim for wall corners / ceiling, beveled door casing / window trim and 3/4"×3-1/2" baseboard trim.

Choice of Basswood to match Aspen walls or Cedar to match Western Red Cedar walls.

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3) Sauna Heater

For Traditional Finnish sauna experience, pour water on rocks for steam, or just use dry heat if preferred. Choose convenient electric or traditional wood burning stoves to fit any size custom sauna room.

Find the best designs, most durable, most affordable, and built to last heaters in the sauna industry here.


4) Sauna Lighting

Lighting options for your custom sauna room, choice of halogen recessed lighting with LED color therapy bulbs or standard incandescent fixtures.

  • Sauna Chrome Recessed Sauna Light Kit
  • Recessed Sauna Lighting Kit for SaunaLogic2 Controls
  • Wall Light: aluminum fixture with vapor proof glass shade
  • Ceiling Light: aluminum fixture with vapor proof glass shade
  • Light Shades: wooden diffused lighting for relaxed atmosphere
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5) Benches

Commercial quality and lasting comfort for your custom sauna. Wall mounted benches with rails and pillar supports. Portable benches work well for additional guest seating.

Bench Skirting or Valance (seen in basswood bench picture below) is a popular finishing option for residential and commercial Custom Saunas. Skirting is available in Western Red Cedar or White Basswood to match bench top material.

Bench Skirting (or Valance) gives an elegant finished look to your custom sauna

Most bench designs allow the skirting to be removable, just slide out while cleaning the sauna

Bench Skirting reduces visible floor square footage, so it is a cost-effective alternative to using snap together Ipe wood floor tiles to cover the entire floor

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6) Wood Treatment

Paraffin Oil Kit protects sauna woods by providing a natural surface barrier and not allowing excess moisture / perspiration to soak into woods. For best results, use on new sauna room walls and benches. Three 1 liter bottles in kit. Also, available in single bottles or a 5 L bulk bottle.

Sauna Wood Treatment is a complete wood care kit including, wood wash, wood soap, specially designed application brush and rubber gloves for protection.

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7) Backrests

Standard 3-bar or Deluxe style, helps keep walls clean and provides airflow between you and the wall. Choice of Basswood to match white Aspen walls or Cedar to match Western Red Cedar walls. Portable headrests and pillows are great for comfort when laying down.

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