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World renowned IKI sauna heaters are at the heart of real Finnish sauna. IKI sauna heaters and stoves are designed and made by hand in Finland, the land of sauna, using the highest quality materials and uncompromising dedication to the trade, following centuries old sauna traditions.

The very word IKI means forever in Finnish, but for our customers it is a guarantee of quality and longevity of IKI products. IKI’s signature stainless steel mesh frame together with cutting edge sauna design and quality workmanship guarantee the durability, safety and ageless design of the IKI sauna heaters and stoves. All in the name of the best löyly in the world.

Model Cubic Footage Min - Max
176 - 423
Mini-IKI Plus
176 - 423
Original IKI
353 - 882
Original IKI Plus
353 - 882

IKI Wood Heaters

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IKI Original Plus Wood Heater