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Western Red Cedar is our most popular sauna wood. Cedar sauna woods are strong, lightweight and generally do not warp or shrink over time while providing a more comfortable and cooler sauna surface to sit and lean on. Our DIY interior sauna liner kit is the easiest way to have a complete sauna quickly installed in your home or commercial space. Everything you need to furnish the interior of your sauna project delivered directly to your door. Western red cedar wood paneling, heater, door, trim and all the accessories you need to get started in a custom liner kit. Just add our interior sauna liner kit to your pre-built framed, insulated and wired structure. The kit comes with assembly instructions and can be installed by anyone with moderate carpentry skills.  Hiring a contractor would be a relatively inexpensive option. Unsure about the quality of our wood? Order one of our sauna sample packs! We are the first company in the industry to offer samples cut straight from the same wood we stock to build our saunas. From the paneling right down to the stainless steel nails, you will receive a sample of every part that goes into our saunas.

Western Red Cedar sauna woods are extremely popular in North America and have that famous aromatic scent quality. Cedar sauna woods vary in color and shade, generally the heartwood is darker and outer layers are lighter. There are several grades of tongue & groove cedar sauna woods, the most popular for sauna use is the clear knot free #1 grade. With some effort in board placement, the overall look of the cedar sauna can be quite pleasing and customizable to the look you prefer.

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