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Aspen sauna wood paneling is a great choice for any residential or commercial sauna. Public saunas, health club saunas and hotels can accommodate more sauna guests with this doctor recommended, non-allergenic type of Aspen sauna paneling. Certain health conditions can be irritated by the scent of cedar sauna paneling and aspen paneling is an excellent alternative choice. Our DIY interior sauna liner kit is the easiest way to have a complete sauna quickly installed in your home or commercial space. Everything you need to furnish the interior of your sauna project delivered directly to your door. White aspen wood paneling, heater, door, trim and all the accessories you need to get started in a custom liner kit. Just add our interior sauna liner kit to your pre-built framed, insulated, and wired structure. The kit comes with assembly instructions and can be installed by anyone with moderate carpentry skills.  Hiring a contractor would be a relatively inexpensive option. Unsure about the quality of our wood? Order one our sauna sample packs. We were the first sauna company in the industry to offer samples cut straight from the same wood we stock to build our saunas. From the paneling right down to the stainless steel nails, you will receive a sample of every part that goes into our saunas.

White Aspen wood saunas have a distinct lighter look than the Western Red Cedar saunas. Aspen saunas are very popular in Finland and Russia where Aspen forests are common. The Russian Banya is similar to a sauna and is commonly made with Aspen lumber. Aspen forests cover the upper Midwest through to the East Coast of the U.S. so naturally many saunas in these regions are Aspen saunas. Aspen sauna wood is the material of choice for hospital saunas in Finland as it is non-allergenic (almost no scent). It is a good choice for American commercial saunas that want to accommodate more sauna users, free from the sometimes over powering cedar scent that can irritate certain respiratory conditions. Aspen Saunas are recommended by some doctors to aid in patient detoxification programs.

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