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Client Custom Sauna Kit

Developing a healthy sauna lifestyle can be an overwhelming experience to get started. Depending on space available, where you live or if you're in a health club, hotel or spa adding your first sauna for your clientele it can be hard to know which option to begin pursuing. Here at Superior Sauna we want to make it easy for you to get started as well as make sure the best options available to you. Don't panic! It will take some work but the commitment you are making will enrich your life for many, many years.

There are many sauna types, and we will provide a quick overview of them, with links to our more detailed categories or products if you know your space and are just desiring a quick DIY or modular solution. One of the most popular sauna types is the traditional Finnish steam sauna, which uses generous amounts of water on the hot sauna stones to produce steam. (Some people prefer the dry sauna, which has a sauna heater with rocks, however no water is poured on the stove). However, you enjoy a sauna is the right way. Cultures around the world have utilized the health benefits of heated rooms for hundreds of years. The best way to know which sauna type you prefer, is to go to hotels, health clubs and fitness centers (if convenient) and try them out.

Custom Sauna Liner Kit

A custom kit is exactly that, custom from the bottom up to fit any size space that you have ready to be dedicated to a sauna (or steam room). For residential saunas, almost any room in a house can be converted into a sauna, such as a spare room, a closet or if space allows, under the stairs. The most common is probably a finished or unfinished basement, which allows for a simple square or rectangular designed based against one wall or a corner. However, do not limit yourself in creativity, we have helped design amazing structural concepts. (Examples can be found here) It is recommended to remove any existing wall / ceiling paneling to get to the framing studs. Insulate the room with standard fiberglass insulation, run wiring for sauna light and heater, and you are ready to the sauna liner kit. Commercial custom sauna liner kits are designed for hotels, health clubs, resorts, military bases and more, and are generally larger rooms. Commercial grade sauna heaters are used to heat the larger square footage and provide years of sauna enjoyment, whether used dry or with sprinkling water on sauna heater rocks for steam.

There are many choices of options for custom saunas. The main wood type choices are white Aspen or Western Red Cedar. Sauna heaters can be electric, wood burning or gas. Electric sauna heaters are the most convenient, just turn a dial and wait about 30 minutes to heat room. Wood burning stoves are more traditional and offer a better quality heat for outdoor custom saunas. Wood sauna stoves are the perfect choice for a remote cabin or solar homes. Custom Sauna bench layouts can be tailored for maximum comfort or more seating capacity. A 24" deep sauna bench allows the sauna user to lay down for maximum relaxation. Or for more seating capacity, install 3 tiers of 18" deep benches with a ceiling height of at least 7' 6".

If you're ready to begin planning your sauna visit our Custom Sauna page, which highlights the major components to consider and provides a downloadable sauna planner. For more information please visit our Literature Library, where we have compiled and update as much sauna related helpful information as we can.

Modular Sauna

Modular sauna rooms are prefabricated panels or sections that can be assembled in hours. The modular sauna room is fully assembled at the factory then disassembled into panels and packaged as a kit. The main advantage of having a modular sauna is that it can be disassembled and reassembled at a new location, should you decide to move, so in a sense a modular sauna could be considered a portable sauna. There is very little labor required at the installation site, so the modular sauna can be less expensive than a DIY custom sauna kit, because the assembly work was done at the factory. If you can frame in the sauna room and install the sauna kit yourself or with family and friends, a custom sauna kit can significantly save money on the initial cost of sauna, especially in smaller sized saunas. If you need to hire a builder or contractor to frame the sauna room and assemble the custom sauna liner kit, purchasing a modular sauna can be the more cost-effective and less time-consuming route. Modular sauna kits from reputable manufacturers are using the same quality cedar and spruce found in the lumber for custom liner kits, no lightweight veneers are used. Our modular sauna kits can be used as any traditional steam sauna. The sauna heater options all have a large rock capacity for producing plenty of comforting steam when scooping water on the hot rocks. Benching is made with the same high quality woods and are both sturdy and robust. Most modular saunas also have a glass panel sauna door and windows to make the room feel larger. A section of assembled Duckboard is typically included for the walking area in the prefab sauna room

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Infrared Sauna

In an infrared sauna, the bather is being heated directly by the infrared heat source and the air temperature in the room is only a default of the infrared emitters. An infrared sauna takes approximately 15 to 20 minutes for the emitters to come up to temperature.(approximately 115 to 135 degrees F) When using the infrared, the bather waits until the infrared emitters in the room are running at full heating potential. The bather then sits next to the emitters in order to allow the body to be heated directly by the infrared radiant heat. The bather will use the room for 20 to 30 minutes in order to induce a deep sweat and once this is achieved the bather has completed the sauna practice. The bather can achieve a more direct effect of heat therapy to portions of the body based on how closely that portion of the body is exposed to the actual emitters.

The most important thing to look for when purchasing an infrared is the infrared emitters. You will want to get an infrared sauna that has the largest surface area of emitters. Carbon flex panels will provide the best wavelength for the body to absorb and will provide a softer heat, evenly dispersed. Finding an infrared sauna that has emitters in the leg area as well as the upper body will eliminate your legs from feeling cold. Added features that are nice to have are media units and color light therapy. Most infrareds are 120 volts which allows for a no hassle install, and they usually don't require additional electrical wiring. Always check what kind of warranty comes with the unit and how easy is it to install. As always, the reputation of the company you are buying from is essential. Now that you know the difference between the traditional and infrared sauna, pick the one that best suits your needs. You are sure to reap the health benefits no matter which sauna you choose. The benefits awaiting you are:

  • Cleansing the body of toxins
  • Restoring sore and tired muscles and relieving arthritic pain in joints
  • Lowering blood pressure
  • Cleansing the body of dead skin cells
  • Burning calories
  • Deeper and more restful sleep
The added benefit of breathing in the steam in the traditional sauna helps relieve cold and sinus symptoms. Remember that the benefits of sauna therapy not only feel good but are good for you, and are a great investment for your health.

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