Custom Sauna Liner Kits

Client Custom Sauna Kit

Planning Your Sauna

Relax, soothe sore muscles, joints and let stress fade away in your very own sauna with our sauna room kit. Pour water on heated rocks for a traditional Finnish steam sauna. Select from the most popular sauna wood paneling types including white aspen and western red cedar. Custom Sauna Kits are designed for residential and commercial spaces; gyms, hotels, military fitness centers and more! Talented architects involved in the design maintain a balance of tradition and efficiency. We have studied saunas all over the world to perfect the Superior Sauna. 

A Custom Sauna Liner Kit is a permanent installation into a pre-framed and insulated commercial or residential room. The kit includes all the sauna room interior parts designed to fit into the rough opening (length x width x height, stud to stud) of your sauna space. In many cases, any room in a house can be converted to a home sauna (recommended at least 4' x 4'). Custom Sauna Kits are a great pricing alternative to modular indoor or outdoor saunas, especially for DIY homeowners.

When you are ready to bring your sauna to life, download our sauna planner to help you along the way. Below, we have listed the major components to consider in planning your sauna, along with the general options available. As you get to the end of the guide we offer samples of design layouts, price quotes for general sauna sizes and a gallery showcasing sauna photos submitted by our clients. Fill out the sauna planner and submit it to us via email or fax. Be as detailed or simple as you like. Draw a simple line sketch or send us full architectural drawings, we can work with anything. Below are some thoughts to keep in mind as you browse the categories below. Don't worry if you're not sure about some details. Our design consultants are sauna enthusiasts that have years of experience and will be able to walk you through every step.

  • What kind of wood would you like? Cedar, aspen, mixed?
  • Roughly what is the size of the room, length x width x height? (7' is optimal for saunas)
  • What are the framing specs? For example, 2x4, 2x6, concrete blocks with furring strips or steel studs, etc.
  • What type of insulation is it? Fiberglass is best for saunas.
  • What direction do you want the paneling for the walls and ceiling, horizontal or vertical?
  • What type and size door do you want? What size is the wall and the opening the door will be installed in?
  • Do you want or need windows? What size and how many?
  • What's your heater preference, 240 or 208 Volt? 1 or 3 phase?
  • Do you want your controller on the heater or outside the room? Do you want it to be digital or just a dial?
  • What's the existing floor type where the sauna will be installed?
  • Are there any ADA requirements for the sauna?

If you are looking for a price estimate, head over to our DIY Sauna Kit page. We have the sizing and plans for your most common sauna layouts. All options are available so you can adjust your pricing from the most basic sauna to one with all the extras. 

Helpful Information

To get you started, here is some basic general info on saunas and items to take into consideration as you think about planning your sauna. Browse our Literature Library for even more in-depth information on the background of saunas and building a sauna, along with more residential, commercial and unique sauna layouts. All of our sauna layout examples are actual client saunas designed by our consultants. We want your properly designed sauna to not only be a sound financial investment, but also a lifetime investment in a healthy lifestyle.

Sauna Materials Sample Pack

We have sample packs available for you to see firsthand the quality of our materials. If you have not already received one, we would be happy to send one out to you today free of charge (U.S. lower 48 only, please call for international shipping) Our sauna woods start from logs and lumber dried to our specifications. Before making a major purchase for the sauna of your dreams, get our sample pack and see our superior quality.

Contents include samples for: Cedar, aspen, hemlock, Nordic spruce paneling, cedar and basswood bench material, cedar and ipe floor material, various examples of cedar and basswood trim, vapor barrier and stainless steel nails.

Paneling and Trim Options

In a typical traditional sauna, the walls are made of tongue and groove wood paneling. Each of our tongue and groove boards starts out as a 1" x 5" or 1" x 4" board, milled to perfection. Our paneling is kiln dried to 6-8% moisture, which stabilizes the wood and reduces warping and shrinkage of the boards once they are properly installed in a sauna. Tongue and groove paneling can be installed either horizontally or vertically. We offer several types of paneling with differing looks and various benefits.

Western Red Cedar Sauna Paneling

Western Red Cedar
Clear 1/2" or 11/16"

White Aspen Sauna Paneling

White Aspen
Clear, Non-Allergenic 3/4"

Sauna Heater Electric or Wood burning

The sauna heater is the heart of the traditional Finnish steam sauna, providing comforting heat and ample steam when pouring water on the sauna rocks. All of our sauna heaters can be used dry or for traditional steam sauna, just pour a ladle of water every 3 to 5 minutes to produce steam and bring the humidity level to your preference. Eucalyptus sauna oil can be diluted in sauna water bucket for a refreshing vaporized scent to help relieve cold / illness symptoms.

Choosing an electric or wood-burning heater is a matter of personal preference or location. Some prefer the tradition and heat of a wood burning stove while others want the ease and convenience of an electric sauna heater. If you're building a sauna in a remote area or off the grid the wood burning stove is probably your best option!

Sauna Benches

Commercial quality meets elegance with our stout sauna benches available in clear red cedar or clear white basswood. For most sauna designs, wall mounted benches are on rails and easily remove for cleaning or adjustment. Bench skirting (or valance) is a popular add-on option for custom saunas. Portable sauna benches are great for guest seating as well as many other uses other than sauna.

We manufacture elegant, commercial strength sauna benches that will last a lifetime. Our quality benches are soft and cool to the touch, without knots or exposed fasteners to cause discomfort. Rubber foot pads are used any time a bench support comes in contact with the floor, to prevent moisture wicking into wood fibers.

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Sauna Doors

Superior Sauna Doors are made with top quality materials and craftsmanship, designed for sauna use. Doors are pre-hung with a heavy duty, laminated jamb and includes all handles /hardware for fast do it yourself installation. Our sauna doors are the sauna industry heavyweights, you can expect to enjoy a Superior Sauna door in your sauna through many years of use.

  • All Glass Door: Panel single pane tempered safety glass in choice of bronze tint / clear / satin or etched design, standard sizes only. Many standard variations or made to your custom size.
  • Full Glass Door: Framed glass doors, double paned insulated and single paned glass available, tempered for safety. Many standard variations or made to your custom size.
  • Half Glass Door: Double paned insulated glass unit in the top half of the door, tempered for safety. Choice of cedar or aspen tongue and groove wood. Standard sizes or made to your custom size.
  • All Wood Door: Two layers of tongue and groove paneling (inside and outside). Choice of red cedar or aspen. Standard sizes or made to your custom size.
  • ADA Compliant Door: Available in all glass, full framed glass panel or half glass.

Sauna Finishing

Now we get down to the fine details of your sauna. For lighting we offer simple light, shade combos or customizable recessed lighting with color changing options. We have many options available for headrests and backrests, portable and mountable, in woods to match your sauna. Flooring is available in cedar, aspen or check out the amazing IPE wood flooring. All our wood flooring tiles come in easy to assemble, snap together squares. Finally, we have all the accessories you need to compliment your sauna. Buckets, ladles, timers, hygrometers, thermometers, scents, soaps, sauna audio and more.

Sauna Examples

Now that you have a good idea of what you want in your sauna, here are some examples of finished projects. Our quote samples will show you just how detailed of an estimate we can provide you with. No worry about hidden costs, our quotes are broken down into the finest detail. The unique layouts page will show you some out of the box thinking for saunas we've done in the past. If you have a desired space, we can get a sauna in there. Our client gallery is user submitted photos of actual client saunas. Most customers can't wait to send us pictures of their finished products, and we love seeing them. Last but not least, for the do-it-yourself enthusiast, we have a sauna index which completely details every tiny aspect of sauna construction. We offer a complete section of products for the self-reliant enthusiast.