Superior Sauna Lighting

Sauna lighting tastes are very individualistic. Our clients prefer anything from a simple on / off light wall light to a complex system of recessed lighting including automatic color flow. It all depends on what environment you desire for your sauna experience. We recommend some form of light so you can safely negotiate in and out of your sauna. All of our systems are easy enough for the do-it-yourself enthusiast to install relatively quickly depending on the size of the system. A licensed electrician would also have no troubles with a quick and effortless installation. We can offer lighting solutions for most residential and commercial applications. Our design consultants would be happy to walk you through any custom design we can offer. Many clients have enjoyed using a combination of our wall light with shade and a recessed light system.

Wholesale prices and quantities are available for 180 and Compact Light Shades. Please contact us for more information.

Sauna Lighting

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