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A new generation of infrared sauna rooms.

Polar's CarbonFlex heating system uses organic carbon far-infrared technology from Japan - to provide the most relaxing and most therapeutic infrared saunas available. In today's lifestyles most of us don't actively sweat on a daily basis. Numerous medical studies show that deep sweating has multiple health benefits. Regular bathing in a far-infrared sauna by Polar provides the benefits derived from a deep sweat.

When using a Polar far-infrared sauna you perspire more quickly and more profusely (and thus get greater benefit from the sweating process) and you feel more completely heated, literally enveloped in soft, radiating heat. It's a product that not only feels good - it's good for you.

Superior Sauna Carbon Flex Infrared Heating System

One of the most common complaints about IR saunas is the uncomfortable sensation of "cold spots" in the sauna where no IR heat waves reach the body, and "hot spots" when seated directly in front of the old-style ceramic or metallic IR heaters. Due to the huge surface area of the CarbonFlex heating panels, the heat is evenly dispersed and the surface tempaerature of the heaters is comfortable to the bathers. More importantly, the large surface area creates the perfect IR wavelength.

The design of our saunas and the integral CarbonFlex panels ensures better performance - well within the so-called "Vital Range" of 7 to 14 microns, with most of the wavelength within the sauna being in the 8.4 to 9.4 microns.

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