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Polar 2 Person IR Sauna

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    A Polar infrared sauna provides soothing heat, directly radiated to the body with very little time waiting for preheating. Polar's revolutionary CarbonFlex heating system ensures soft heat, fully surrounding the bather. With infrared heating panels literally spanning wall-to-wall, the heat radiates in a wide angle from each wall, so the heat is spread evenly within the cabin space.

    Superior Sauna Carbon Flex Infrared Heating System

    One of the most common complaints about IR saunas is the uncomfortable sensation of "cold spots" in the sauna where no IR heat waves reach the body, and "hot spots" when seated directly in front of the old-style ceramic or metallic IR heaters. Due to the huge surface area of the CarbonFlex heating panels, the heat is evenly dispersed and the surface temperature of the heaters is comfortable to the bathers. More importantly, the large surface area creates the perfect IR wavelength.

    The design of our saunas and the integral CarbonFlex panels ensures better performance - well within the so-called "Vital Range" of 7 to 14 microns, with most of the wavelength within the sauna being in the 8.4 to 9.4 microns.

    Each Polar infrared Sauna Includes:

    • Saunatec CarbonFlex® heating panels, integral with wall panels and bench support panels - with the largest surface area in the industry, providing the softest heat, evenly dispersed from all sides
    • Prefabricated wall panels, finished interior and exterior with clear T&G Canadian Hemlock—for a sauna with “furniture quality.”
    • Fast assembly with no tools—with wall panels mounted onto an easy-fit base and topped with easy-fit ceiling panel.
    • Saunatec digital control mounted inside the sauna. Control features include: on/off, interior light switch, exterior light switch, time and temperature controls.
    • Bluetooth stereo system with low profile heat resistant speakers
    • High quality, heat-proof stereo speakers
    • Pre-built Hemlock benches
    • Built-in Hemlock floor
    • Deluxe all-glass door. All sidelight windows and doors use only tempered safety glass
    • Low-voltage mini-spot lights installed in the ceiling.
    • Wall-to-wall backrests, designed for user comfort and safety.
    • All sizes can be plugged into a 120 volt household outlet. CarbonFlex® heating system’s large surface area efficiently emits soft heat with quick heat-up times, yet is simply plugged into a standard 120-volt household outlet (no electricians required).
    • ETL listed “as a complete plug-in room”— for safety and reliability
    • Industry leading 1 year warranty backed by America’s #1 sauna company.

    2-Person IR Sauna

    • Dimensions: 40"D x 48"W x 77"H
    • Electrical requirements: Plug-in, 15 amp 120-volt outlet
    • Installation Manual

    Superior Sauna Polar Infrared Sauna 2 Person Specs

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    Polar 2 Person IR Sauna


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