Commercial ADA Kit

Superior Sauna Commercial Sauna Kits

Our commercial sauna is designed for constant daily use and have been installed in hotels, gyms, ski resorts, apartment buildings, military bases and more. The industrial strength design of our superior commercial saunas usually incorporates thicker walls with more insulation and stronger benches with more supports to the floor, along with a commercial grade sauna heater with larger rock quantities to gently transfer heat to the sauna room. Commercial sized sauna heaters are used for years of sauna enjoyment whether used dry or traditionally, sprinkling water on sauna heater rocks for steam.

Our design consultants at Superior Sauna are here to help you create the most rewarding sauna experience for your clients and customers. We offer something beyond the standard sauna, instead, we use our vast experience and our passion for sauna, combined with the top of the line technology of today's top sauna industries, to make your offering truly superior. Years of experience in designing sauna for college & professional sports facilities, as well as health clubs and local wellness centers, ensures a beautiful sauna designed to withstand daily heavy use. Our sauna heaters are both efficient and reliable, both of which are important for keeping a gym running.

Time in a sauna is meant to relax and rejuvenate. Our expert design consultants combine experience and industry-leading sauna technology to create the perfect sauna environment. From lighting and comfortable benches and backrests to the perfect balance of heat & humidity, every detail is planned to enhance the sauna experience.

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Sauna Materials Sample Pack

We have sample packs available for you to see firsthand the quality of our materials. If you have not already received one, we would be happy to send one out to you today free of charge (U.S. lower 48 only, please call for international shipping) Our sauna woods start from logs and lumber dried to our specifications. Before making a major purchase for the sauna of your dreams, get our sample pack and see our superior quality.

Contents include samples for: Cedar, aspen, Nordic spruce paneling, cedar and basswood bench material, cedar and ipe floor material, various examples of cedar and basswood trim, vapor barrier and stainless-steel nails.

Superior Sauna Sample Pack

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ADA Compliant Design

Our design consultants have planned dozens of ADA compliant saunas over the years for all manner of facilities, from YMCA's to U.S. military bases. Using several unique features we can design a sauna that is an enjoyable healthy experience for all sauna enthusiasts along with being handicapped accessible. We understand that everyone deserves to experience the health and well-being a sauna can bring. We can bring you a sauna design that matches the requirements needed to make the sauna lifestyle available to all.

More examples of ADA Compliant Layouts

General requirements for ADA approved saunas(additional local code requirements may apply):

  • A 36" door width for ample access
  • A door threshold of no greater than 5/8” high
  • Doors should not swing into the clear floor space. Sauna doors must always swing out of the room.
  • A 60" diameter turn-around space inside the room. EXCEPTION: A readily removable bench is permitted to obstruct the ground space. It needs to be movable in order to temporarily provide the 60" turning circle.
  • One bench should have a seat that is 42 inches long minimum and 20 inches deep minimum and 24 inches deep maximum.
  • Back support should be 42 inches long minimum and extend from a point 2 inches maximum above the seat surface to a point 18 inches minimum above the seat surface.

ADA Compliant Sauna Doors

We carry several styles of ADA compliant sauna doors to match your needs, all glass, full glass, or half glass. Superior Sauna Doors are made with top quality materials and craftsmanship, designed for sauna use. Doors are pre-hung with a heavy duty, laminated jamb and includes all handles /hardware for fast do it yourself installation. Our sauna doors are the sauna industry heavyweights, you can expect to enjoy a Superior Sauna door in your sauna through many years of use.