Sauna and Parts Installation Information

We want to make sure your sauna project goes a smooth as possible! Here you will find installation guides for Superior Sauna kits and DIY sauna components. Building your own custom sauna just the way you want it is a very rewarding experience. A traditional sauna is something you will enjoy for many years with family and friends. Sauna enthusiasts enjoy traditional saunas in hotels and health clubs for relaxation and the health benefits after a workout.

Custom sauna installation is easier with good carpentry skills and patience. Our sauna installation guides give an overview of kit assembly and construction recommendations. Every custom sauna is different and requires using your best judgement when installing some components. Taking the time to build your sauna project right will be rewarded once it is finished, and you can sit back, relax and enjoy your own traditional sauna.

Sauna Kit Installation

Interior Sauna Parts Installation

Lighting Installation

Audio and Electronics Installation