Sauna Paneling & Trim

Tongue & Groove Paneling

Paneling for walls and ceilings are cut to fit rough opening of your custom sauna room. Superior Sauna woods are kiln dried to 6-8% moisture to lock and stabilize wood fibers, greatly reducing board shrinkage/warpage and cracking after installation. Best to install with Stainless Steel Nails in air powered brad nailer gun, for speed and accuracy.

  • White Aspen: Clear (no knots), non-allergenic, matches Basswood Benches, 3/4" thick
  • Western Red Cedar: Clear (no knots), classic aromatic scent, available in 1/2" or 11/16" thick
  • Nordic Finnish Spruce: Traditional rustic knotty look, 9/16" thick
  • Hemlock: Clear (no knots), similar look to cedar, 1/2" thick
Superior Sauna White Aspen Superior Sauna Rec Cedar Paneling Superior Sauna Nordic Spruce Paneling Superior Sauna Hemlock Paneling Superior Sauna Paneling

Interior Trim Package

Add interior trim for a finished look to a custom sauna, includes 3/4" cove molding trim for wall corners / ceiling, beveled door casing / window trim and 3/4" x 3-1/2" baseboard trim. Choice of Basswood to match Aspen walls or Cedar to match Western Red Cedar walls.

Superior Sauna Interior Trim Superior Sauna Basswood Trim Superior Sauna Cedar TrimSuperior Sauna Baseboard Casing Options