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HUUM Hive 12 (12kW)

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HIVE electric sauna stove is an elegant solution for bigger saunas, for example, for spas and gyms. This floor-mounted stove holds up to 550 lb (250 kg) of stones, which ensure a long-lasting hot steam even for larger groups, without compromising on design.


Model kW Cubic Footage Min - Max Amps/Circuit Breaker/Wire Size A - Safety Distance B - Safety Distance
HIVE 12 12 424 - 883 50 / 30+30 / 10+10 AWG 4.73" 31.5"
HIVE 15 15 530 - 1060 62.5 / 50+50 / 8+8 AWG 5.9" 33.86"
HIVE 18 18 636 - 1236 75 / 50+50 / 8+8 AWG 7.1" 36.22"
HIVE Safety Distance Diagram

UKU Control & Extension Box

Superior Sauna Sauna UKU Control and Extension Box

The UKU control comes in two variations; A local version and a Wi-Fi version.

UKU Local sauna controller makes sauna heating easy and comfortable. You can connect it with lights/ventilation and steamer functions of your sauna and regulate all of them from the remote control. To ensure a safe sauna experience, UKU is equipped with door sensor, overheating protection and child safety lock.

UKU Wi-Fi sauna controller makes sauna heating very easy and comfortable. With UKU you can heat your sauna on the spot or do it from your phone through HUUM mobile app. In order to use the mobile app solution, UKU needs to be connected to a Wi-Fi network. UKU comes with several safety and extra features for a pleasant sauna experience.

The HUUM HIVE heaters over 9kw require the extension box for the UKU control to work with the heater.

Heater Stones

Superior Sauna Sauna Round Stones

We highly recommend using rounded stones in HUUM heaters to complement the design and have milder steam. In our selection, we have rounded olivine diabase stones: 5-10 cm. The stones are durable and have high heat capacity. You can also use other types of stones in HUUM heaters, except decorative stones because they can break easily.

Safety Railing

Superior Sauna Sauna Hive Safety Rail

The safety railing for HIVE heater helps to protect you from accidentally touching against the hot heater. The safety railing consists of light-colored wooden arcs and stainless steel supports to attach them to the heater. Not only does the railing provide extra safety – but it is also a nice way to style your heater.

Available Here: HIVE Safety Railing

Embedded Flange

Superior Sauna Sauna HIVE Embedded Flange

The embedding flange is useful when you are planning to install your HIVE heater partly inside the sauna bench. It is made of stainless steel and it covers up the wooden edges around the heater, leaving the final result looking refined and smooth.

Available Here: HIVE Embedded Flange

Air Tunnel

Superior Sauna Sauna Hive Air Tunnel

Internal air tunnel for HIVE sauna heaters speeds up sauna heating by 25% and extends the life span of heating elements. It is made of stainless steel and installed in the middle of the heater. When using the air tunnel, you need approximately 2 boxes fewer stones.

Available Here: HIVE Air Tunnel

HIVE Reflector

Superior Sauna Sauna HIVE Reflector Panel

The HIVE reflector attaches to the cage and reduces the minimum safety distance. Made of stainless steel and designed to be attached together.

Available Here: HIVE Reflector

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HUUM Hive 12 (12kW)
HUUM Hive 12 (12kW)
HUUM Hive 12 (12kW)


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