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Round Aspen Sauna Air Ventilation Louver

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Air circulation vents allow fresh air into the sauna for comfortable breathing and help maintain a healthy sauna. Sauna ventilation system consists of a complete cycle with air outside of sauna: one outlet vent and one intake sauna vent. Our sauna vent designs are made with Cedar wood or white Aspen to match a variety of T&G wall paneling types. It is recommended to design both sauna vents to breathe into the same airspace, for example have both vents through exterior wall or both vents through interior wall such as hallway or other open space.

Sauna Ventilation Requirements call for 2 vents, one lower vent for fresh air intake (or gap under entrance door) and one upper vent for outlet (about halfway up opposite wall to minimize heat loss). The leading cause of bacteria growth, mold, strong smells etc. in saunas is poor air ventilation during steam sauna use and after during cool down period. The vent is 6" across and requires a rough opening of 3 5/8"

Outdoor Sauna Buildings with a Wood Burning Stove can be challenging to properly vent, for one thing because the stove needs a lot more fresh air than an electric stove. The outlet vent can be of normal size, however the intake vent should be approx. 2x bigger and be near the Wood Stove. If you have a dividing wall to separate a changing room, it is recommended to install another set of inlet and outlet vents in the changing room, to typically be opened after the sauna is used to help evaporate any condensation.

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    Round Aspen Sauna Air Ventilation Louver - Superior Saunas


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