Superior Sauna Tylo Electric Sauna Heater Controls

There are a number of different control panels for Tylö heaters offering a wide range of individual setting options. All control panels are user-friendly with clear displays that allow you to customize your sauna for optimal performance and energy efficiency while offering touch-button or remote control operation. Tylö controls can also be connected to external switches or a central computer to control multiple functions in public facilities, etc. All control panels incorporate an energy-saving divided output and have splash proof housing. They can be placed at any distance from the steam room.

Mechanical control panels with features that include a timer, temperature dial, on/off switch and pilot lamp. Robust, reliable construction with energy-saving divided output.

Tylo Heater Controls

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Superior Saunas: Sauna Heater Controls - Tylo CC50 Sauna Control
Superior Saunas: Sauna Heater Controls - Tylo CC10 Sauna Control
Tylo CC10 Sauna Control
$380.95 $476.00